Community Support Program (CSP)

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Community Support Programs (CSPs) provide an array of services delivered by community based, mobile, paraprofessional staff, supported by a clinical supervisor, to Members with psychiatric or substance use disorder diagnoses, and/or to Members for whom their psychiatric or substance use disorder diagnoses interfere with their ability to access essential medical services. These programs provide support services that are necessary to ensure Members access and utilize behavioral health services. CSPs do not provide clinical treatment services, but rather provide outreach and support services to enable Members to utilize clinical treatment services and other supports. The CSP service plan assists the Member with attaining his/her goals in his/her clinical treatment plan in outpatient services and/or other levels of care, and works to mitigate barriers to doing so.


These services are designed to be maximally flexible in supporting individuals to implement their clinical treatment plans in outpatient and/or other levels of care and attain the skills and resources needed to maintain community tenure. Such services may include:


  • Assisting Members in improving their daily living skills so they are able to perform them independently or access services to support them in doing so

  • Providing service coordination and linkages

  • Providing temporary assistance with transportation to essential medical and behavioral health appointments while transitioning to community-based transportation resources (e.g., public transportation resources, PT-1 forms, etc.)

  • Assisting with obtaining benefits, housing, and health care

  • Collaborating with Emergency Services Programs/Mobile Crisis Intervention (ESP/MCIs) and/or outpatient providers; including working with ESP/MCIs to develop, revise and/or utilize Member crisis prevention plans and/or safety plans as part of the Crisis Planning Tools for youths

  • Fostering empowerment, recovery, and wellness, including linkages to recovery-oriented, peer support and/or self-help supports and services.



These outreach and supportive services are directed primarily toward adults and vary according to duration, type, and intensity of services, depending on the changing needs of each individual. Children and adolescents are eligible for CSP services; however, their needs may be better served by services within the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI). Community Support Program services are expected to complement other clinical services that are being utilized by the individual and support the Member’s attainment of his/her clinical treatment plan goals.

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