In-Home Therapy Services

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In-Home Therapy Services are a structured, consistent, strength-based therapeutic relationship between a licensed clinician and the youth and family for the purpose of treating the youth’s behavioral health needs, including improving the family’s ability to provide effective support for the youth to promote his/her healthy functioning within the family. Interventions are designed to enhance the family’s capacity to improve the youth’s functioning in the home and community and may prevent the need for the youth’s admission to an inpatient hospital, psychiatric residential treatment facility or other treatment setting.


Specific supports through In-Home Therapy include:
  • Enhanced problem-solving, limit-setting, risk management/safety planning, communication to build skills to strengthen the family, advance therapeutic goals, or improve ineffective patterns of interaction

  • Identifying and utilizing community resources

  • Developing and maintaining natural supports for the youth and parent/caregiver(s) in order to promote sustainability for treatment gains Phone contact and consultation are provided as part of the intervention

  • 24/7 telephonic support

Who can make referrals:

Primary care offices, mental health clinicians, schools, case workers, community organizations, faith leaders, parents/caregivers and families and local Community Support Agencies (CSA) can make a referral

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