Lighthouse Behavioral Health provides a wide array of counseling and evaluation services to teens and their families.

Services are offered at a variety of locations throughout the South Shore, Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Metro Boston areas.

We offer highly specialized flexible services such as employment support, rehabilitation intervention, life skills and outreach and in home therapy in settings such as homes, hospitals, clinics, community based centers and schools.

Lighthouse Behavioral Health also provides continuum of care through intensive wrap-around services, home based and community resources. Support is provided to teens and their families, who may be at differing stages in their treatment plans with and recovery from mental illness.

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Services for Young Adults & Teens

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Emergency/Crisis Services

Home Based Services

Life Skills

Outpatient Counseling


School Based Services

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment designed to prevent psychiatric hospitalizations and reduce the need for emergency care services.

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