Perinatal Mental Health Services

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Select clinicians at Lighthouse can provide modified services to women who are pregnant, recently given birth, experiencing loss or infertility. The need for this type of services has become more and more apparent over the past three decades.


The time in a woman’s life where she deals with reproductive topics can be marked with increased risk for developing mental health issues, experience new difficulties, or have other concerns where therapeutic services can be effective in treating issues or provide necessary support. Research has shown that this period of a woman’s life comes with increased risks for not only the mother but the child as well. Through a client-oriented approach, issues like antenatal and postnatal mental health illnesses, adjusting to the new identity as mother, and other can be effectively treated.


Approaches uses depends on the client needs and varies from CBT modified for the perinatal population to attachment theory based techniques.



Additional Perinatal Counseling Services


  • Individual Counseling

  • Couples Counseling

  • New Mothers Group

  • Pregnancy After Trauma Group

  • Mother–infant relationship psychotherapy

  • Maternal depression, anxiety and stress during pregnancy and child outcome;

  • Teenage Pre/postnatal Group

  • Sleep disorders in perinatal women

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