Core values

The CEO and the Clinical Director of the clinic is responsible for ensuring that the clinic operates within the guidelines as established by the local, state and federal regulatory bodies. In that context, however, they are also responsible for defining the cultural norms and values of the organization.


This serves several functions, including: 1) giving clients the information they need to make an informed decision about whether our services are a good fit for them, and 2) ensuring that prospective employees are aware of the same, so they can decide whether it is consistent with their own practice.


To this end, we present this non-exhaustive list for review:


  • Clients are to be met where they are at, not where we want them to be or where we think they should be

  • Services should be made accessible and responsive to client needs without creating a pattern of dependence.

  • Therapists should be asking “How do we know that services are helping?” and “What will tell us that our services are no longer needed?” from session one.

  • Clients are experts in their own lives. They have strengths and resources that can be discovered if you ask.

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