Community Based Mental Health Outreach Services


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At Lighthouse Behavioral Health and Wellness Center, we know it can be hard for some of our consumers to get to our office for an appointment. Illness, disability, personal crisis, lack of funds, transportation issues, or childcare are all reasons a person might not be able to get to therapy. Community Outreach/Home-based outpatient therapy can address many of these obstacles.


When treatment is provided at home, the therapeutic relationship may develop more quickly. This is because people in therapy can be more relaxed in their own homes than in an office. Instead of relying on self-reporting, therapists may get deeper insights from seeing how and where our consumers live. As a result, effective treatment can progress, and healing may happen more easily.


People who are homebound can benefit from different forms of distance therapy. However, they may also prefer face-to-face interaction. Home-based/outreach therapy makes mental health services more accessible to a wider range of people. Our clinicians travel to homes, schools, shelters, temporary housing, and other community settings where clients have the best opportunities to succeed. Offering individual, couples, family, and group therapy, our master’s level outreach clinicians work with children, teens, adults, and seniors experiencing chronic depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, grief, and other mental health issues.


Outreach services include comprehensive assessment, development of goal-oriented treatment plans, and individualized counseling designed to facilitate recovery, health, and overall well-being. In addition, clients are eligible for psychiatric evaluation to determine if medication is recommended–with medication management services available for clients who continue with Outreach treatment.


We provide short- or long-term therapy, for a variety of life situations, including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma and abuse and others. If, as part of your therapy program, we determine that medication will support you or your child’s treatment, we can refer you to our psych pharm prescriber.

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