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Lighthouse Behavioral Health and Wellness Center was created in 2017 to provide behavioral healthcare services to members of the community informed by up-to-date, bona fide research on factors that contribute to positive outcomes in psychotherapy.

Our vision is to promote emotional behavioral wellness, social justice and inclusivity throughout our broader global community through our clinical, outreach, and training services.​ 

Mission Statement:

To be a pillar in providing culturally relevant, holistic, and wellness-focused services that enhance both adult’s and children's social-emotional development, prevent development of mental health challenges, and address social-emotional problems that currently exist. We will do this by utilizing evidence-based strategies in our service delivery model which will be uniquely designed to assist each individual in successfully accomplishing their goals innovatively.


Serving the Needs of the Community:

Lighthouse Behavioral Health Center Inc. is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for the entire community. We celebrate and honor the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals. At Lighthouse, we appreciate that individuals, couples, parents, children and families all do as well as they can in a world that seems increasingly complex. Still, there are times when people need to seek someone outside of their current situation for help. Yet the kind of help people need is often dependent on many factors. We wanted to create a service that matched the needs of the community, so as Lighthouse was being formed, we began assessing the needs of local schools, community centers, churches and other organizations. A “Needs Assessment" is often a one-time event, but Lighthouse considers it essential to regularly solicit information from the areas that we serve about gaps in treatment, or changes in what is needed. While we can’t be all things to all people, we aim to be sensitive to, and responsive to, the changing needs of our community. Our initial review has indicated the following areas of community concern:


  • Access to treatment (extensive waiting lists)

  • Joblessness and underemployment

  • Exposure to traumatic incidents, sometimes multiple events.

  • Homelessness

  • Hopelessness and Depression

  • Home, school and community violence

  • Failures of social systems to provide needed help and support

  • School-based support

Diversity Statement:


Light House behavioral Health Center Inc. is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for the entire community. We celebrate and honor the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals.

Core values:

  • Clients are to be met where they are at, not where we want them to be or where we think they should be

  • Clients are experts in their own lives. They have strengths and resources that can be discovered if you ask.

  • Clients are unique and the way in which problems are solved is equally unique.

  • Unless proven otherwise, we believe that people receiving services are doing the best they can to manage often very difficult circumstances.

  • Services should be made accessible and responsive to client needs without creating a pattern of dependence.

  • Therapists should be asking “How do we know that services are helping?” and “What will tell us that our services are no longer needed?” from session one.

Lighthouse Culture:

Our team’s clinical culture borrows from multiple modalities, including: Structural Family Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Client Directed Outcome Informed Treatment (CDOI). These modalities are part of the agency culture and provide a shared language for discussing our clinical work. As part of the on boarding process, Lighthouse provides the training and support needed for new staff. However, it remains the purview of the clinicians and clients to discuss how they will work together.


Areas of Specialties and practice principles

It is important to distinguish between practice requirements and practice modalities. Practice requirements are mandated both externally by our payers and credentialing bodies and internally by agency policy and procedure. Practice modalities are the strategies employed by therapists in the provision of clinical services.  

At Lighthouse Behavioral Health, we specialize in Multi-systemic Therapy and Structural Family Therapy. 

• Multi-systemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family- and community-based treatment approach designed to make positive changes in the various social systems (home, school, community, peer relations) that contribute to the serious antisocial behaviors of children and adolescents who are at risk for out-of-home placement.


• Structural Family Therapy (SFT) is a treatment that addresses patterns of interaction that create problems within families. Mental health issues are viewed as signs of a dysfunctional family; therefore, the focus of treatment is on changing the family structure rather than changing individual family members. The goal of SFT is to improve communications and interactions among family members and to highlight appropriate boundaries to create a healthier family structure.

People come to the team with a variety of clinical experiences and beliefs about clinical and social work practice. Our team’s clinical culture borrows from multiple modalities, including: Rogerian Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). We expect clinicians to be familiar with these modalities and will provide advanced training to clinicians wishing to advance specific skills. We do not mandate the use of a specific modality as this discussion is part of client engagement.

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