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Telehealth is the delivery of telehealth services using interactive audio and/or visual electronic systems where the clinician and the patient are not in the same physical location. The interactive electronic systems used in Telehealth incorporate network and software security protocols to protect the confidentiality of patient information and audio and visual data.


These protocols include measures to safeguard the data and to aid in protecting against intentional or unintentional corruption. We only allow for use of video telehealth services through the use of Zoom.


Telehealth services are used when you cannot be physically present with your clinician in order to provide therapy for your mental health needs. The clinician would be present at another location, to serve you through newly available technology. Telehealth services use video and/or audio technology to send both voice and/or visual images between you and your clinician.


The combination of visual and audio makes it possible for your clinician to better provide counseling services when in-person therapy is not possible. During the current state of emergency related to COVID-19, the delivery of Telehealth Services can include audio only services.

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