About Us


Lighthouse Behavioral Health and Wellness Center was created in 2017 to provide quality behavioral healthcare to the most vulnerable members of our community.


Our services are based on a platform that consists of Core Values and Practice Ideals, which are set forth in this document. Our mission is to be a pillar in providing culturally relevant, holistic, and wellness-focused services that  enhance both adults’ and children's social-emotional development, prevent development of mental health challenges, and address social-emotional problems that currently exist.


We will do this by utilizing evidence-based strategies in our service delivery model which will be uniquely designed to assist each individual in successfully accomplishing their goals innovatively and begin the process of healing.


At Lighthouse, we understand that we are living during a historic time where people are experiencing significant emotional and social-economic pressure.  In light of obtaining a quantitatively comprehensive understanding of what the needs are and where services are lacking, the team at Lighthouse Behavioral Health decided to conduct a needs assessment of local schools, community centers, churches and other organizations.

The Lighthouse Culture:

Our team’s clinical culture borrows from multiple modalities, including: Structural Family Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Client Directed Outcome Informed Treatment (CDOI). These modalities are part of the agency culture and provide a shared language for discussing our clinical work. As part of the on boarding process, Lighthouse provides the training and support needed for new staff. However, it remains the purview of the clinicians and clients to discuss how they will work together.


One Westinghouse Plaza - Suite 216A, Floor 2 Boston, MA, 02136

Tel: 617-910-9605

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