School Based Counseling: Custom Help for Students


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Lighthouse Behavioral Health and Wellness Center School-Based Counseling Program provides on-site counseling, case management, and skills training services to at-risk students attending Schools in the Greater Boston Area.  The goal of LBHWC School Based Counseling Program is to provide high quality, comprehensive school counseling services to all students.


Our programs are designed to help students develop and enhance their academic, behavioral, and personal/social strengths by supporting and empowering students as they identify and learn healthy coping skills so they can succeed academically as well as at home and in the community. Families within our communities are also dealing with economic difficulties, lack of transportation, parents dealing with their own mental health issuers has increased the rate of noncompliance to appointments in the office setting.


To this end, mental health agencies are finding that meeting the client in the comfort of his or her environment — home or school — leads to greater success in maintaining consistent clinical contact and achieving greater outcomes.

LBHWC’s school-based counseling program goal is to address the unmet mental health needs of young people in our communities. We plan to include programs, policies and practices that will encompass a series of interventions including mental health education, mental health promotion, assessment, problem prevention, early intervention and treatment.


We believe that by providing students access to mental health supports that it will promote academic success. We hope to minimize some of these barriers with our school-based program.

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