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Our services are customized to meet each person’s unique needs. We provide both outpatient and outreach services, as well as a full range of clinical services in the greater Boston area.  Our clinicians frequently travel to Homes, schools, Foster Homes, Residential Programs, Churches, Child Care Programs, Adult Health Settings and Shelter Programs.

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Project Aspiration

Mental health outreach service specifically geared towards working with individuals or families with a history of domestic abuse. Battered women in shelters benefit from psychotherapy in addition to the case management they traditionally receive.  Domestic violence counseling and domestic violence therapy represent powerful tools for helping victims of domestic violence get to safety and heal. Abused adults and children both need domestic violence counseling in order to move past their traumatic experiences. Left untreated, physically and emotionally abused children carry the emotional and physical scars of the abuse into adulthood. When this type of trauma is left to itself, it may manifest in adulthood in the form of lost jobs, broken relationships, substance abuse, and other unhealthy behavior.

LBHWC Domestic Violence Therapy

Benefits of Domestic Violence Therapy

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