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Triage Intake Coordinator

Triage / Intake Coordinator

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Oversees referrals and admissions through every step of the intake process.

  • Maintains and ensures patient information is up to date and accurate in EHR System.

  • Establishes and fosters positive working relationships with current and potential referral sources.

  • Communicates referrals, admissions, and additional needs with the community relations personnel as appropriate.

  • Reviews patient information on the case, including the care plan and medication, to determine needs and conferences with clinical leadership and the Medical and Clinical Director regarding any questions about an individual's care plan.

  • Assists clinicians in establishing immediate and long-term therapeutic goals, in setting priorities, and in developing a plan of care.

  • Reviews patient's medical diagnosis, prognosis, medications, procedures and clinical course.

  • Assists billing department with insurance verification and authorization processes.

  • Triages clinical calls in collaboration with the appropriate provider and/or Director.

  • Completes and submits medication preauthorization requests appropriately.

  • Maintains comprehensive working knowledge of contractual relationships and ensures that patients are acting according to the contract provisions.

  • Decides which personnel should handle issues when appropriate, keeps the provider and Medical/Clinical Director apprised of concerns, and guides clinical staff towards solutions.

  • Assists with problems that arise with vendors, including pharmaceutical and supply organizations.

  • Assists supervisory personnel in the planning, implementing, and evaluating in-service and continuing education programs. Contributes to formulating, revising, implementing, and evaluating organization policies, procedures, goals, and objectives, both short and long-range.

  • Actively participates in Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) program as directed by supervisors

  • Ensures that the seamless transitions of patients to provider relations are communicated by providing direct oversight of patient education of the procedure, medication or treatment.

  • Performs other duties and activities as delegated by supervisors.

The above statements are only a representative summary of the primary duties and responsibilities performed by the Triage/Intake Coordinator. They may also be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those stated in this description.

Qualifications & Competencies:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in human service or related field from an accredited college

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Strong cultural competency

  • Experience with providing clinical services to children, adolescents, and families

Salary: $40.00 / hr

Job Types: Full-time

Outpatient Master Level

Outpatient Master's Level Clinician (Hybrid/Remote)

Responsibilities and Duties

​The substance abuse counselor is responsible for counseling individuals with substance use disorders. This includes assisting clients in substance abuse treatment, including addiction prevention and intervention programs as well as providing care coordination, making and accepting referrals from other agencies as needed, attending supervision/training sessions, providing education on substance abuse issues, and training new counselors or staff members regarding substance abuse related matters.

  • Provide support to clients safely and effectively.

  • Provide counseling services for individuals with substance abuse issues, including addiction treatment and other related programs as needed.

  • Facilitate groups, family, and individual sessions and complete all necessary documentation

  • Conduct level-of-care assessments and facilitate appropriate admissions and referrals. Complete UR for medical necessity for clients.

  • Communicate with collateral contacts, including schools, family members, the legal system, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and other treatment facilities.

  • Ensure all clinical documentation is completed in a timely fashion as specified in the clinician handbook.

  • Address client issues promptly, including crisis and higher care referrals.

  • Attend all supervision/team meetings and scheduled administrative meetings.

  • Maintain ethical and clinical boundaries with clients, family, and other staff members.

  • Maintain compliance with state and federal confidentiality laws and uphold our agency's confidentiality policies and procedures.

  • Maintain a professional code of conduct established by this agency's Code of Conduct.

  • Assist with maintaining a professional care environment by setting up and cleaning group rooms and offices before and after use.

  • Appropriately represent Adolescent Advocates at public and private outreach events.

  • Please provide information on the use of alcohol or drugs by persons under their care at any time.

  • Analyze patients' needs regarding substance abuse problems and keep appropriate documentation.

Qualifications and Skills & Requirements:

  • Must be a minimum of 21 years old

  • Must have at least one year of experience as an addiction counselor

  • Ability to work independently

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing

  • Master's Degree in Counseling, Social Work, or a related field

  • Strong clinical documentation skills

  • 1+ years working in addictions/mental health field preferred

  • Past use of an electronic health record is a plus

Job Type: Full-time


  • Master's Degree in Counseling

  • LADAC1, Licensed Preferred, but not required.

Language capacity needed:

  • English

  • Haitian Creole

  • Spanish

  • Cape Verdean Creole

Salary: $80k - $150k

Administrative Assistant II
Responsibilities and Duties

We are looking for an administrative assistant to organize our mental health facility’s functions. You will support day-to-day operations by performing administrative tasks and ensuring high-quality customer service for our patients.

As a mental health administrative assistant, you will perform various tasks on a daily basis. So, you should be able to multitask and prioritize.

We also expect you to handle sensitive information confidentially. If you are able to combine exceptional communication skills with an ability to perform ‘behind the scenes' tasks, we would like to meet you.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure our facility’s smooth operation by accurately completing administrative tasks in a timely manner.

  • Interview patients for case histories prior to appointments

  • Update and maintain patients’ health records

  • Assist patients with the initial paperwork

  • Schedule and coordinate appointments

  • Process insurance claims in compliance with law requirements

  • Use medical software to support all transactions

  • Manage receivable and payable accounts and maintain financial records

  • Answer patients’ queries and ensure quality customer service

  • Collaborate with doctors and clinicians to help with medical examinations, schedule tests, and order supplies

  • Ensure compliance with procedures

  • Keep up-to-date with changes in medical and insurance legislation

  • Maintain appropriate ethical and clinical boundaries with clients, family members, and other staff members.

  • Maintain compliance with state and federal confidentiality laws as well as upholding our agency’s confidentiality policies and procedures.

  • · Maintain a professional code of conduct as established by this agency’s Code of Conduct.

  • · Other duties as assigned by persons in your chain of command.

Required Qualifications and Skills 

  • Proven work experience as a medical/mental health administrative assistant

  • Hands on experience with medical software and MS Office

  • Knowledge of healthcare operations

  • Familiarity with medical and insurance legislation1+ years working in addictions/mental health field preferred

  • Past use of an electronic health record is a plus

  • Bi-lingual preferred

Job Type: Full-Time

Salary: $28-30/HR

Adminstrative Assistant

Therapeutic Training and Support

Our Therapeutic Training and Support staff services are for youth under the age of 21 who have any Mass Health insurance.

Job Description:

  • Assist the In-Home Therapist in implementing the therapeutic objectives of the treatment plan to address the youth's social, behavioral, and emotional needs.

  • Assist in developing and supporting an effective risk assessment and safety plan with youth and family.

  • Assist youth and caregivers in building various coping, life, social, behavior, and emotion management skills.

  • Provide education and practice in emotional identification, behavior management, and coping skills coaching.

  • Model positive interactions with youth and family to enhance problem-solving, limit-setting, safety planning, communication, and skill building to strengthen family relationships.

  • Attend in-service training's as required.

  • Assist in developing initial and ongoing teamwork with family members, formal providers, natural supports, and others who can support sustainable progress.

  • Attend and/or travel to meetings/ appointments in various locations.

  • Maintain paper and electronic records in an orderly and timely manner.

  • Participate in weekly supervision.

  • If youth is enrolled in Intensive Care Coordination, participate in all care planning meetings and processes for the youth.

  • Follow through with on-call policies and procedures.

  • Attend agency orientation and all required trainings.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field with at least 1 year of experience working with youth and families

  • A valid Massachusetts driver’s license with willingness to drive 70% of the time

  • Daily access to a working, registered and insured vehicle (in your name)

  • Excellent in both written and verbal communications.

  • Ability to independently plan and organize one’s own schedule and activities.

  • Knowledge of basic Microsoft computer systems and an understanding of the internet

  • Strong time management skills and origination skills.

  • Applicant is required to own a vehicle that is registered under their name and be a licensed operator in Massachusetts.


This is a great opportunity for someone looking to expand their knowledge and/or pursue higher education in the field of mental health and social work. Be a part of an experienced, energetic and supportive team. Evening & weekend coverage is required. Schedule is flexible depending on your availability and that of the client/family.

Therapeutic Training and Support
Master Level Clinician
Master Level Clinician (IHT)


  • Use established psycho-therapeutic techniques/interventions to help improve youth's social, emotional, and behavioral functioning, prevent inpatient admission, and strengthen caregiver(s) parenting skills.

  • Conduct all necessary assessments in a thorough and timely manner, obtain approval as required prior to filing, and provide all needed updates.

  • Develop a treatment plan in collaboration with family and collaterals that prioritize needs and set related goals as indicated by assessment; revise and update the plan as intervention proceeds.

  • Develop and support an effective risk assessment and safety plan with youth and family.

  • Collaborate with TT&S in implementing the treatment plan to assist youth and families in achieving the goals of the plan.

  • Plan and conduct, with TT&S, family, and/or individual meetings (as needed) in support of goals with clear purpose and maximum possible flexibility, including times/places for meetings.

  • Ensure specialist consultations, evaluations, and referrals are requested.

  • Develop initial and ongoing teamwork with family members, formal providers, natural supports, and others who can support sustainable progress.

  • Organize, attend, and/or travel to meetings/ appointments in various locations.

  • Maintain paper and electronic records in an orderly and timely manner.

  • Weekly supervision.

  • If the youth is enrolled in Intensive Care Coordination, participate in all care planning meetings and processes for the youth.

  • Follow through with on-call policies and procedures.

  • Complete all required training, including CANS certification.

  • Ensure that all services are provided in a professional manner, ensuring privacy and safety.

Required Qualifications & Competencies

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, or related field.

  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

  • Licensed and insured driver with reliable and consistent access to a car.

  • Evening availability is required.

  • Computer literate including Microsoft Office with the ability to learn new software applications.


  • Master’s Degree in a CBHI-approved field.

  • Minimum of 2 years post-graduate experience.

  • Experience in CBHI services is a plus, but not required.

Salary: $40/HR

Job Type: Full-Time

Patient Access Rep
Patient Access Representative

Lighthouse Behavioral Health and Wellness is seeking a Patient Access Representative. The candidate should be self-directed, motivated, creative, and have experience in working in a health care setting.

This position is Full- Time. Under general supervision, the Patient Access Representative will be responsible for managing outpatient scheduling functions, check-in and check-out for ambulatory areas, and providing administrative support to clinical providers. The Patient Access Representative follow-up on patient inquiries resolves patient questions/concerns and provides front desk coverage for Outpatient Clinic.


  • Greets all patients, their families, and any other visitors in a respectful, courteous and professional manner.

  • Communicates effectively with patients, clinical providers, and staff using multiple advanced communication tools, including phone, email, fax, and mail.

  • Answers and resolves patient inquiries in a professional, empathetic, and patient-centered way, through the use of effective listening, and written and verbal communication skills.

  • Utilizes established guidelines and concise judgment to manage schedules.

  • Accurately into the EHR system, verifies insurance and demographic information

  • Referral/authorizations accurately enter information into the EHR system.

  • Works closely with all clinical providers and departments providing administrative support, front desk coverage, telephone coverage, and other assigned clerical duties.

  • Identifies opportunities to improve work processes and environment, and changes to existing protocol or processes.

  • Maintains productive and professional relations across all departments; assists with training and orienting new staff and attending training as required.

  • Attentive to patients, families, and clinical providers’ needs; demonstrates the ability to be discrete and protect the integrity and confidential information.

Required Qualifications & Competencies

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree required

  • 1-3 years or more of experience in registering, scheduling, and patient intake in a hospital or medical office


  • Master’s Degree in a CBHI-approved field.

  • Minimum of 2 years post-graduate experience.

  • Experience in CBHI services is a plus, but not required.

Salary: $30/HR

Job Type: Full-Time

School-Based Clinician

Lighthouse Behavioral Health is seeking School-Based Mental Health Clinicians to join our team. We are looking for experienced, mission-aligned clinicians to provide clinical services to a small group of selected students with significant behavioral and emotional needs. Selected candidates will work with a highly seasoned and professional management team who provide the best possible clinical services. This position will include extensive training to ensure that the chosen individual will have a strong knowledge of the organization's protocols and model of services.


  • Delivers clinical interventions consistent with needs of the student and family, in a safe and ethical manner that promote and sustain academic and mental health stability.

  • Demonstrates competency in: Group Therapy, Individual Counseling, and Family Counseling.

  • Provides family programming with monthly evening Parent Support groups, as needed.

  • Understands continuum of mental health services, referring students and family to an appropriate level of care in coordination with their supervisor (such as: substance abuse services and/or IOP/PHP/In-Patient)

  • Provides consultation and facilitates referrals to appropriate levels of care and specialized services based on the student's needs.

  • Optimizes the collaboration and coordination of the interdisciplinary team to enhance the environment of student care.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to developing strong working relationships with school administration, district leadership, teachers, and paraprofessionals.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Submits Clinical Documentation in a timely manner, aligned with the electronic medical record.

  • Participates in all team meetings including but not limited to: Administrative School Meetings, ESS Town Hall meetings, ESS Supervision Meetings and Treatment Team meetings.

  • Maintains current professional license and adheres to ethical standards in accordance with governing board.

  • Consistently attends work on scheduled day and time, in professional attire and with a professional demeanor.

  • Participates in learning opportunities provided by ESS, such as Supervision Groups, and treatment planning, that will advance knowledge of clinical interventions and skills throughout the school year.

Required Qualifications & Competencies

  • 2+ years of experience treating children and/or adolescents with significant behavioral and emotional challenges.

  • Must hold a clinical license in social work, counseling or marriage and family therapy in the state in which this position is being offered.

  • Effective problem solving and communication skills.

  • Experience working with students and families, plus community health and social service agencies.

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and comfortable using a computer.

  • Must be able to complete thorough clinical documentation

Job Type: Full-Time

School Based
Triage Admin Assistant

Lighthouse Behavioral Health and Wellness Center was created in 2017 to provide behavioral healthcare services to members of the community informed by up-to-date, bona fide research on factors that contribute to positive outcomes in psychotherapy. Our Multidisciplinary team is responsible for ensuring that the clinic operates within the guidelines as established by the local, state and L RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Works with the intake department to review each intake within 72 hours of demographic information being presented to intake

  • Works with referral sources to ensure all appropriate documentation is present and if not ensuring that requests are made

  • Reviews each referral clinically to determine appropriate service(s). Review may be through documentation or phone calls

  • Communicates with the Clinical Program Directors about referrals passing along clinical review, recommendations on service and clinical recommendation on timeline of need

  • Maintains the organizational wait list for services

  • Meets regularly with the operational program directors

  • Work through brief interventions and make quick clinical assessments of mental and behavioral health conditions within busy primary care practice.

  • Triage patient needs and arrange appropriate services for patients either within the clinic's Behavioral Health outpatient team or linking to affiliated hospitals and clinics for higher levels of care as indicated.

  • Provide biopsychosocial assessment and short term evidence-based behavioral interventions.

  • Record assessments and interventions in patient medical records according to established documentation standards.

  • Prepare patient reports, correspondence, referrals, and other materials for community agencies, schools, legal proceedings and others as needed.


  • Identify and arrange services for patients with affiliated hospitals and within the community.

  • Complete all necessary referrals and manage patient utilization in accordance with managed care plans.

  • Maintain professional knowledge through participation in professional organizations, conferences, and continuing education programs.

  • Meet productivity standards for department needs and perform other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications & Competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in mental health counseling, social work, or psychology from an accredited college.

  • Minimum of 3 year full-time equivalent previous clinical experience providing direct mental health care.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication and analytical skills required.

  • Experience in diverse culture preferred.

Job Type: Full-Time

Pay Rate: $50K-$54K

Triage Admin
Clinica Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor: Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker LICSW, LMHC

The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for the successful administration and management of the clinical services of the agency. The clinical director shall oversee the activities of outpatient and in-home services. Provide clinical and administrative supervision to all employees who work in the counseling services programs.


  • Act in accordance with Standards of Excellence at all times, including maintaining professional ethics, boundaries and client confidentiality.

  • Ensure implementation of best practices and compliance with Agency Philosophy of Care.

  • Oversee the planning, direction and day-to-day clinical operations of the program, including insurance authorizations and reviews.

  • Assist in hiring, promoting, and terminating staff in collaboration with the Operation Director and Board.

  • Provide weekly individual clinical and administrative supervision to counseling Clinicians.

  • Deliver clinical programming, including individual and group counseling, and crisis intervention/management, when necessary.

  • Review treatment planning and other clinical documentation like assessments and follow up services for all clients.

  • Supervise interns and/or volunteers as assigned by supervisor, or in collaboration with the Operation Director.

  • In collaboration with Operation Director, develop and revise, as necessary, all clinical policies and procedures to ensure contractual compliance and to ensure that Agency maintains standards of excellence.

  • Collaborate with the Operation Director, Intake Coordinator, and other Agency Administrative staff to ensure that program planning, management and evaluation requirements are met

  • Collaborate with the Intake Coordinator to ensure successful intake and client orientation processes.

  • Perform client record reviews in the EHR (Electronic Health Record) for all clients in a timely fashion.

  • Sign off on all client documentation to assure medical necessity and acceptable documentation meet standards and provide appropriate feedback about documentation to other program staff. Ensure the proper closing of charts for discharged clients

Required Qualifications & Competencies

  • Master's degree in social work (LICSW), LMHC plus 5 yrs. supervisory experience

  • Must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

  • Must have sensitivity to the needs of the population.

  • Strong computer knowledge. Superior interpersonal skills and ability to function in a team atmosphere.

  • Strong analytical, numerical and reasoning abilities.

  • Ability to execute a variety of decision-making models.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing and ability to use good judgment.

  • Must hold a valid drivers' license.

  • Ability to pass a CORI

Job Type: Full-Time

Pay Rate: $50/HR

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